The Eye Brightener – Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Brightening Kajal

Brighteneign Kajal 6

Let there be bright! At least when it comes to your eyes, that is. The Dramatically Brightening Kajal, which is part of the Sonia Kashuk Fall 2014 Collection (available exclusively at Target,) is a creamy white kohl liner that includes a blend of Rose and Mimosa waxes. The smudge-proof formula is meant to give a refreshed and illuminated effect to the eyes, making them appear brighter instantly.  It is applied on the inners corner of the eye and/or in the waterline. Packaging is lightweight and quite futuristic aesthetically with a firmly closing cap that doesn’t seem to pop off or try and run away like with other liners. What you see is what you get, there’s no twist top or further product than what’s visible, which I quite like about it, seems economical and there’s well enough of the product to last a good while – and no sharpening required! So there you have it folks, get bright!

xo Coco

Brighteneing Kajal 4

Brighteneing Kajal 3

Brightening Kajal 5