The Art of Multi-Masking

Face Mask Kit 3

Having heard raves from many a beauty blogger about the Boscia Bright White Face Mask, I was looking to give it try when, lo and behold, I came across this gem of a collection beaming like a beauty homing beacon from the shelf at Sephora.  Pulling me in like a skincare tractor beam, The Art Of Multi-Masking™ Kit from Boscia includes smaller-sized versions of their popular collection of peel-off face masks including the Bright White Mask, Luminizing Black Mask, Cool Blue Calming Mask and Green Tea Oil-Control Mask.

Face Mask Kit 1

Face Mask Kit 4 copy

The kit also comes with a synthetic mask application brush and a handy card with directions and step-by-step instructions to apply various multi-mask treatments for occasions including “The Date Night,” ‘The Post-Flight,” and “The Clean Sweep.”

Face Mask Kit crop

Not only can you try out four different masks to decide which is right for your skin but the smaller-sized tubes make them great to have for your travel bag and with the Christmas season upon us, this collection could make a really neat gift for your favourite skincare-aholic, or, you know, you could treat yourself 😉

xo Coco

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