The Waterproof Matte Brown Liner

Sephora Jumbo Shadow copy

The brown-bronze smokey shadow liner.  It’s a good one to have stowed away in the proverbial magic makeup carpet bag, but having tried to get my hands on Rimmel’s Scandeleyes Shadow Stick in ‘Bad Girl Bronze’ for a good few months (sold out in Shoppers Drug Marts across the land it seems) I officially gave up the search.  You know how once you stop looking for something it suddenly turns up?  Well, leave it to an unplanned visit to the mothership of makeup – Sephora – and this little, er, jumbo I should say, crayon found it’s way into my hands.  The Sephora Collection Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof in ‘Dark Brown Matte’ is great for many reasons, the formula is super pigmented and the crayon width doesn’t hinder the application process, it blends like a dream – perfect for a smudgy-smokey look (swatches included below) and finally, it’s matte! *cue angelic background music*

Sephora Jumbo shadow swatch copy

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